Who is SNED?

Hello there! I’m John Sneddon aka SNED. Welcome aboard.


I am a musical performer and composer – a multi-genre multi-instrumentalist specialising in Ableton Live electronic production, live electronic fingerdrumming, acoustic guitar and electric bass. Please head on over to the ‘live videos’ and ‘my music’ sections for examples of my compositions and live performances!


Once upon a time I graduated from a Bachelor of Music (Jazz) at the University of Canterbury, as a bass guitar major, and have since been performing as a bass player and electronic producer in numerous bands across a great diversity of genres through the years in both New Zealand and Australia.


In recent years I have embarked on a great adventure of exploring a profound lifelong fascination for electronic music. In particular, this fascinated exploration has been geared around limit-pushing forms of live electronic music performance – new forms of electronic controllerism that allow music to be created and performed in ways that were not possible even a few short years ago.


The vehicle for this exploration has been Ableton Live – which is, in my opinion, one of the most fundamentally groundbreaking pieces of musical technology that we have yet invented! This software truly is an instrument – in fact a system which allows users to invent and develop their own, unique instruments. We live in a golden age of music right now, and as always, our technology helps us reach forward towards new horizons.


The past year in particular I have been present upon the streets and scenes of Melbourne city as a regular performer and inner city busker – my solo project SNED began as a mobile street performance setup, and has since followed it’s own natural evolution – developing into a stage show incorporating a blend of the now ‘traditional’ sequenced electronic performance, and truly LIVE instrumental control.


I have a passion for forward-thinking and evolution in all things – and as such have a huge love for music which does not remain within the boundaries of specific genre specifications. My music takes it’s influences from everything I have ever heard – every feeling I have ever felt – every wild dream I have ever dreamed.
Double Bass Lessons in Melbourne

Double bass lessons in Melbourne with multi-instrumentalist John Sneddon of SNED Music