Ableton Live has been fundamental in the creative breakthrough I have experienced as an artist and musician over the past few years, and one of my greatest desires is to pass this knowledge on to others who are wanting to create.

With the advent of Ableton Live, musicians now have the ability to compose, produce, perform, and INVENT like never before. When previously we were limited to being instrumentalists or songwriters – we now have the tools and freedom to also become instrument designers, sound engineers, performance revolutionaries, and creative extrapolators of our wildest creative imaginings. It’s all right here at our fingertips – and absolutely anything is possible.



Designed to give beginner users of Ableton Live an immediate level of electronic music production ability; On completion of this course, students will have the confidence to create and finish simple tracks from start to finish in a reasonable timeframe.


Courses are taken from Second Story Studios in Collingwood, in classes of 8-15 people. Start dates are regular, and run on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings from 7-930pm. This is a weekly course of eight 2.5 hour classes. Learning as a group is FUN – not only will you make friends and connections, but also learn a great deal from fellow students.

This is a comprehensive course that covers production, performance, and sound design techniques in Ableton Live, including:


  • Techniques for beat making – both through audio and using MIDI
  • Musical awareness and ear training: how to make your music sound good
  • Simple but usable music theory that is easily understood by beginning musicians
  • Recording and audio editing, sampling and resampling
  • Session view/Arrangement View familiarity and understanding
  • An introduction to synthesis
  • Understanding and using MIDI, software instruments, MIDI effects, MIDI mapping, and using controllers creatively
  • Equalisation, compression and audio effects
  • Automation of effects, sends and returns, and instrument parameters
  • Composition, arrangement and songwriting
  • Workflow techniques – produce faster, easier, and more reliably
  • Performance in Ableton Live – Launching clips from Session View, and exporting stems for live performance
  • Mixing techniques, and exporting finished tracks

Each week we will be exporting basic ‘tracks’ of current work, getting us into the habit and workflow of
‘finishing’ music. The goal by the end of the 8 weeks is to have a finished track that you are happy
with – this track will incorporate specific skills learned from across the course, again ensuring
techniques are well practiced, so that familiarity and confidence are guaranteed.


Consider participating even if you have been producing in Ableton Live for several years, and are not a complete beginner – there will be plenty of learning and extra hands-on experience for you to take away from this course, plus friends, connections and potential future collaborators gained through the class.

By the end of the course I will help you set up Soundcloud and Splice accounts, so you have
places to both store and share your music online, plus have access to a fantastic sample library that
will immediately and dramatically boost the quality of your productions.

  1. Requirements: Students will need their own computer, quality headphones, and a working version of Ableton Live (Standard or Suite versions preferred – as Lite and Intro versions do not contain all components covered in the course – however, I can work with you to ensure the same learning is achieved if you have these versions)

Next course dates:

March 20, 27 – April 3, 10, 17, 24 – May 1, 8.


Price: $595 for eight 2.5 hour sessions – significantly cheaper and more robust than any similar course available in Melbourne.

Take advantage of the early payment price tiers and save money:  Pay in full before March 1st and save $70 ($525 total), or pay in full before March 7th and save $50 ($545 total)

REFERRAL DISCOUNTS:  If you have a friend who would like to take part, and successfully registers – you get $50 cash back from your course fees.

Get a friend involved! Learning as a team is a whole lot of fun.

Use the registration form below, or contact me via or 0449705424 to book your place in the next class

I also offer a free 30 minute consultation session if you would like to have an in-person chat about whether investing in Ableton Live is the right path for you and your music – feel free to get in touch and come visit me in my studio.


My lessons are skill training, artist development, and mentorship all in one.

I will: Develop your knowledge of Ableton Live to a powerful level; motivate you with the confidence to create; help you identify and smash your creative blocks; help you set goals and take the right steps to achieve them; provide homework to ensure you are implementing new skills.

I am passionate about teaching and offer an informative, inspirational and hilarious time. The tutoring relationship can be a powerful thing – often a factor that can create breakthroughs in a producers’ life.

for 1:1 tuition, I offer 1.5 hour lessons, ensuring a decent amount of learning and production takes place.. Homework and email contact Q&A provided between classes.

Prices:  $85 per 1.5 hours (cheaper if booked in bulk)


  • A Bachelor degree qualified musician with over a decade of professional experience guiding your progression
  • Beat making: All the way from quick loops to full blown tracks, start to finish
  • How to master your interface: Tips to improve speed, workflow and stability
  • Music theory and Ear Training: Learn how to make your tracks truly MUSICAL
  • Sound Design: Create unique tones, patches and sounds – find your own signature sounds
  • Audio Editing and warping: make music out of anything
  • Equalisation and compression: Shape your creations and make them shine
  • Composition/structure/arrangement/songwriting coaching, advice, and demonstrations
  • Synthesis: Gain in depth control and move way beyond the presets
  • Layering: Gain an ear for complex layerings; learn how to set up deep soundscapes that sit well in the mix
  • Sampling and Resampling: Powerful tips and tricks for getting weird and wild
  • Mixing and mastering: How to get your tracks sounding FAT and LUSH
  • Performance in Ableton Live – Harnessing the power of Session View and controllers
  • Hardware MIDI mappings explained and explored
  • Midi: learn the language (it’s actually easy!) and speak it fluently
  • Fingerdrumming and advanced controllerism: SEE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Be sure to investigate my art, so you have an idea of what I am able to teach you 🙂


Software and audio equipment:

  • Ableton Suite 9
  • An abundance of samples/presets to share with you
  • M-Audio Monitors and sub
  • Presonus Audiobox/Focusrite Sapphire USB audio interfaces



  • Akai MPD218 (x4)
  • Akai APC 40
  • Akai MPK Mini MkII
  • Arturia Minilab
  • Novation SL-25 MkII
  • Alesis V61 keyboard
  • Various microphones, guitars, basses, and double bass, which are all available for recording in the studio


I teach 1:1 sessoins from my super accessible studio space at 21 Bridge St Northcote – about 100 meters away from Merri Station.

Group classes are held at Second Story Studios in Collingwood.

Connect with me via phone, email, or the form below and let’s get the ball rolling.


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