Study Ableton Live with John of SNED Music

For 7 years I have been using and studying Ableton Live. It’s incredible! As I am sure you know. Over the past few years, I have opened the doors to my studio and welcomed in a huge variety of students with whom I share my skills.

Ableton lessons with a bachelor degree graduate jazz trained musician

As a jazz trained improvisational musician, I have embraced electronic music production with a very ‘hands on’ approach – as you will see in my YouTube videos – and I aim to bring this through in my lessons. I want to help you harness Ableton Live as the groundbreaking INSTRUMENT that it truly is and learn how to use this software to in turn create in ways that only you can imagine.

Through the tutoring relationship I aim to function as a mentor for all of my students, and will be motivating you to create with the skills and techniques we explore together! I want to help you break through any previous creative blocks surrounding production/performance/music in general and through proper visioning, goal setting and taking the right steps, get you moving towards your creative ideas and dreams. I will provide homework and tasks to help you stick to the learning and truly put it into action.
I LOVE teaching and guarantee an informative, inspirational and hilarious time. Throughout my life training as a musician I have found the tutoring relationship with my teachers SO incredibly important to my own development – it can be a really powerful thing to have someone to help you down the path, someone to check in with and someone to show you the steps. Been thinking about stepping into your power as a producer for a while? Now’s the time.

Not only will I share with you the vast array of production skills, tools and tricks that I have acquired over the years – I will also act as a creative mentor for you, and an artist development coach – to help you really figure out just what it is you want to create, plan out the steps along your chosen pathway, and put your plans into action. If you decide to become a regular student and really make that investment in yourself, we will be creating a game plan for you with short/mid/long term goals that will guide you along the road. Each lesson we will check into this plan and ensure that you are getting the most out of your time – that your efforts are truly sending you in the right direction.
I am a multi-instrumentalist and have also been teaching guitar, keys, electric bass and double bass, from beginner to advanced levels for over a decade – hit me up if you want lessons on any of these also! Developing your understanding of improvisation and theory on any instruments you play will have an immediate and noticeable affect on your electronic production.I usually encourage 1.5 hour lessons (at least) to really enable a decent amount of learning and production to take place. I charge $60 per 1.5 hours (cheaper if you book/pay in bulk).


– Bachelor degree qualified musician with over a decade of professional experience

– How to master your interface: Tips to improve speed, workflow and stability

– Beat making: All the way from quick dirty loops to full blown tracks, start to finish

– Fingerdrumming and controllerism: I will show you how to absolutely OWN your controllers (WATCH MY   YOUTUBE VIDS ^_^)

– Sound Design: Create unique tones, patches and sounds – define your own original aural identity

– Synthesis: Gain in depth control and move way beyond the presets

– Layering: Gain an ear for mass complex layerings; create unimaginable soundscapes and refine into beauty

– Sampling and Resampling: Powerful tips and tricks for getting weird and wild

– EQing across your mix so elements work well together

– Mixing and mastering: How to get your tracks sounding FAT and LUSH

– Abstract controllerism/complex hardware mappings explained and explored

– Midi: learn the language (it’s actually easy!) and speak it fluently

– Composition/structure/arrangement coaching, advice, and demonstrations

– Music theory: As a degree qualified musician, I can take you all the way here. Learn how to make your   tracks truly MUSICAL


The music I create is decidedly non genre-specific, and fits somewhere within the realms of Trip-Hop, Chillwave, Dub, intergalactic space exploration, all realms of  heavy groove bass music, and is heavily inspired by the following artists: O.T.T., Bluetech, Bonobo, Electric Mantis, Desert Dwellers, Tipper, Odesza, Herzeloyde, Ekali, Taylor Mcferrin, The Cinematic Orchestra, and TOOL

A selection of my compositions, and live electronic fingerdrumming performances can be found on the My Music and Live Videos pages. Everything you see and hear has been created with Ableton Live 9, and the gear listed below.

You can also check out my creations on Soundcloud and YouTube below: 

Be sure to check out my creations above so you can hear what I can teach you! 🙂



Ableton Suite 9
– An abundance of samples/presets to share with you
– M-Audio monitors and sub

– Akai MPD 218
– Akai APC 40
– Akai APC mini
– Arturia Minilab
– Novation SL-25
Many other instruments including guitars/basses/double bass that can also be used for recording here.




$60 per 1.5 hour session.

$55 per 1.5 hour session if booked in lots of 5 ($275)

I teach from my super accessible studio space on Bridge St in Northcote – about 100 meters away from Merri Station.

Connect with me through the form below and lets make some magic!

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